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About Us

The International Center for Christian Leadership exists to train and equip leaders for significant and life changing ministry. We do not prepare people to maintain ministry but to expand their ministry to transform villages, cities, cultures, and nations with the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have, therefore, designed a curriculum that is outcome based to fulfill this God given vision and mandate.


Our professors are themselves practitioners in successful ministry who are able to teach and equip their students through cutting edge learning and impartation of their ministry skills. Our faculty is an international faculty, bringing together the very best from the East and West to enrich our students through a truly global perspective of the Christian ministry. 

  • 43 Graduats from 8 different Christian unions

  • 4 English-speaking Graduates

  • 40 Current Students

  • 5 Unions are represented in ICCL Board   

  • Students from Ukraine,
    Russia,Belorussia, Australia, Czechoslovakia, the USA

  • Member of Euro-Asian Accrediting Association

  • 4 Leadership International Conferences in Kiev

  • 4 International Women's 
    Conferences in 7 cities and towns of Ukraine

First Assembly
in Worcester, MA

Langley Full Gospel Church, Canada

Faith Chapel Church
in Syracuse, New York

New Covenant Church
of Philadelphia

Proclaiming His word Church
in New Jersey

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