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Academic Dean


Rev. Brian G. Minnich

Pastor of First Assembly Church in Worcester, MA

Academic Dean of ICCL

In 1993, I graduated Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science in Geography with hopes to be an Urban Planner. However, the Lord had other plans and sent me to Ukraine on a 3 year mission with One Hope. I traveled across Ukraine, Russia and the Baltics bringing God's Word to students, helping start youth ministries and plant churches. Now, 20 years later, I have the privilege of a serving Ukraine again as the Academic Dean of ICCL.


I believe in higher education as a means of discipleship, as we are to grow in knowledge until we reach the full stature of Christ (Eph 4:13). As a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (MDiv) and current doctoral student at Northeasten University in Boston (Ed.D), I know first hand the commitment level of our ICCL students to ministry and study. They have my prayers and support.


Speaking of support, thank you for investing in the students of ICCL through your prayers, giving, and teaching. Your generosity helps ICCL students continue their Pentecostal discipleship at a graduate level, so they can pass along sound doctrine and practice in their ministries.

 The Minnichs

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