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ICCL Events & Participation

East-European Leadership Forum

2010, 2011 and 2012 - ICCL took part in holding the Conferences of East-Europeanian Leadership Forum in Kiev, Ukraine.

International Scientific and Practical Conferences 

2010, 2011, 2012 - ICCL took part in holding International Scientific and Practical Conferences in Kiev, Ukraine.

International Jubilee Forum dedicated to the 290-th birth of Grigory Skovoroda  

In 2012 ICCL was one of the main organizers. It is significant that the Forum gathered together well known circular writers, journalists, university teaches and Christian ministers. The President of ICCL Board was one of the main Speaker.


Gregory Savitch (1722-94), Ukrainian philosopher, poet, musician, teacher. C 70-s. led a life of wandering philosopher and Bible preacher and teacher. Author of poems, fables in prose, songs, chants, psalms.

Women of God's Destiny - IV

In Sumy, Ukraine




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for Christ


Women of Destiny - III

In Kiev, Ukraine

Women of Destiny - II

In 2012 ICCL hold the Second Conference WOD with Lee Grady.

Women of Destiny - I
In Kiev, Ukraine


Internship Programs of ICCL 

2003 - Kelly Schwalbert, USA and Joanna Mourhead, Jamaica

2004 - Cyndi and Jonathan Fellows, Chicago, Illinois

2011 - Marta Okhota, Syracuze, NY (Faith Chapel Church)

AIDS, Challenge & Opportunity for the Church. Seminar

July 19-23, 2004 - Kiev, Ukraine. ICCL was the first Christian Institute in Ukraine to introduce teaching for this kind of ministry. 

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