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for Christ


Ukraine is passing the time of
National trial & suffering.





5-th Graduation

October, 9, 2015
5th Graduation of ICCL took place.
Eleven students received the Diploma of Masters in Christian Leadership. CONGRATULATIONS!

Summer Session 2015

29 June-3 July

Course: New Testament Theology 

Professor: Dr. Paul Oxley



Praise the Lord for His faithfulness as He shows His favor for ICCL. Regardless this hard time in Ukraine we keep running our session and the students do their best to attend classes.


Knowledge and personal Christian experience of Dr. Paul Oxley were a special blessing for those who could make it for this summer session.


Winter Events 2015

9-13 February

Course: Theology of the Church and it's Mission

Professor: Ed.D. Brian G. Minnich


Last week was a great encouragement for everyone who visited ICCL.


A special flavor of the week was added by a number of meaningful events:

Pastor Brian Minnich, the Dean of ICCL, taught the course "Theology of the Church and it's Mission". It was his first teaching experience at ICCL and it turned out to be a great blessing for both the professor and his students.


Another significant event of the week was a session on Leadership with Dr. Kathaleen Reid-Martinez, Provost of Oral Roberts University.


At the Board Meeting with the presence of the Dean there was very productive talk about ICCl Strategies,plans for further development and colaboration with Oral Roberts and Regent Universities.


Every morning the class started with the fervent prayer for peace in the Ukraine, intercessor prayers for soldiers, captives, refugees and residents of the occupied territories.

Fall Session 2014

Sep. 29 - Oct. 3

Course: Principles of Christian Leadership

Professor: Dr. Darrell Peregrym

Spring Session 2014

Course: History of Evangelical Movements

ProfessorOleg Bornovolokov

On June, 23-27, 2014 took place Summer Sessiion of ICCL. In spite of the current situation in the Ukraine 22 students came over to explore the History ofEvangelical Movements. Great blessing,inspiration and assurance of thier belief was the impact that the studentsrecieve.

Spring Session 2014

Course: Spiritual Formation

ProfessorValery Reshetinsky










Winter Session 2013

Course: Exegesis and Hermenutics

ProfessorDr. Sergey Flugrant

Fall Session

Course: Pastoral Counseling

ProfessorDr. Beverly J. Oxley











Academic Dean with ICCL Board

In November 2013 Rev. Brian Minnich accepted proposal to take the position of ICCL Academic Dean and met with the Board member and Executive Director.

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