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ICCL History


ICCL was founded in May 2002. For the first time in the Ukraine, the leaders of eight different Christian Unions and Denominations united together to work for God's Kingdom.
These unions represent 10,000 churches.


Over the last five years ICCL has been successfully achieving its mission to train and equip the leaders throughout the former Soviet Union region. It launched five major conferences in Kiev where over 20 000 church leaders and lay ministers were trained and inspired by the most prominent and effective ministers of the world such as: Peter Youngren, Ed Silvoso, Bill Wilson, Heidi Baker and others.


ICCL has built up a reputation as a well known and respected Christian educational institution in the Ukraine. American churches, missionaries, interns and church teams have been a great blessing to the ministry of ICCL since its foundation.


Today ICCL has entered its next phase of development and moved into a wonderful building: The Spiritual and Charity Complex. The complex is located in the heart of the city of Kiev and is being constructed as a model of a Christian city. This project will have a national impact to transform the Ukrainian society and shares the vision of ICCL to unite different ministries in the Ukraine. ICCL will play a key role in graduate level ministry training in this Complex, and by God's grace will grow into a Christian University.

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